Amanda R. Martinez is a science writer and multimedia producer. She’s written for The New, The AtlanticScientific American, and Seed magazine, and produced pieces for PRI’s Living on Earth and the Marine Biological Laboratory, among others. She’s currently writing a book on nostalgia, how and why we evoke it, and its significance in cultures around the world, to be published by Crown/Random House.

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Amanda holds a master’s degree in science writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she focused on marine science reporting and studied at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. In the quest for stories since, Amanda has stalked marine iguanas in the Galápagos, watched flotsam from Asia wash ashore on a Hawaiian beach, hunted the aurora borealis, and witnessed the dissection of a human brain. She began her journalism career writing for the alternative weekly paper of Santa Cruz County, California. As the music and environment editor, she wrote pieces on the local effects of climate change and retiring punk rock stars, with an interview roster that included swarthy marine biologists, brooding singer-songwriters, green architects, and jazz legends. Born and raised in Chicago, Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in playwriting from Yale University, and is the author of several plays. Her work has been performed in New York City, New Haven, and Chicago. Amanda is represented by Aevitas Creative.

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